Tuyển dụng: Edit Research Report

Tuyển dụng: Edit Research Report

The Empowerment of Women in the Public Sector (first phase of the Women’s Leadership project), commissioned a study in 2013 on Leadership training programs in Vietnam and overseas.  The report was completed however it has not been published or widely disseminated.  The research is well done and the findings are important to share.

Therefore, the Project wants to edit the final report and produce shorter communication materials from the report.

The different communication products are:

1. Final Report and Annexes

Key message:

The main messages of the studies include:

  • See the report

Audience: general, used at conferences, provided to all our partners at ministries and academies, all institutes interviewed

Required task: edit final report and annexes, create one formatted document

Estimated days: 4 days


2. Lessons for Leadership Skills Trainers – “Creating Gender Responsive Leadership Capacity Building Programmes”

Key messages:

  • Leadership skills cannot be learned by lectures, participants need to be active and engaged in the learning process, curriculum and approach needs to address perspectives of both women and men, address power relations and differential access to power, comprehensive long term approach to learning and capacity building is needed to develop leaders – short term, one off trainings are not effective

Audience: Leadership skills trainers, training program designers and administrators

Required task: Drawing on the report, create a summary of the key messages for trainers and training curriculum designers that includes best practices and recommendations for implementing a gender responsive leadership training program.  Develop a persuasive title for the policy brief.  This document should be approximately 6-10 pages.

Estimated days: 3 days

3. Policy Brief –For Effective Leadership - Capacity Building Initiative Need to Change

Key messages:

  • Why and how leadership and management training programs need to change
  • Argue the link between poor leadership training and poor representation of women
  • Data on women’s acceptance/participation in leadership training courses
  • Key supportive government policies and targets for change
  • Recommendations for change

Audience: senior administrators of academies, senior administrators of the training programs of each ministry, officials in charge of learning

Required tasks: In a persuasive, intriguing and non-academic manner, write a 6-8 page policy brief using all the arguments, data and recommendations from the report.  Develop a persuasive title for the policy brief.  The languages should be clear, accurate, formal and polished.

Estimated days: 3 days

Call for Proposal

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