Tuyển dụng: Quản lý Dự án

Tuyển dụng: Quản lý Dự án


Under the direct supervision of the National Project Director, the Project Manager is responsible for the operational management of the project, i.e. s/he assumes the day-to-day operational management of the project in line with the project document as well as policies/procedures for nationally executed projects. For this reason, s/he must be able and ensure to work full-time on the post.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepares and updates quarterly and annual project work plans, and submits these to the NPD and UNDP CO for clearance.
  • Ensures that all agreements with Responsible Parties are prepared, negotiated and agreed upon.
  • Drafts TORs for key inputs (i.e. personnel, sub-contracts, training, procurement) under the responsibility of the NIP, submits these to the NPD and UNDP CO for clearance, and administers the mobilization of such inputs.
  • With respect to external project implementing agencies:

a) Ensures that these agencies mobilize and deliver the inputs in accordance with their letters of agreement or contracts, and

b) Provides overall supervision and/or coordination of their work to ensure the production, quality and timeliness of the expected outputs.

  • Assumes direct responsibility for managing the project budget as Committing Officer, by ensuring that:

a) Project funds are made available when needed, and are disbursed properly,

b) Expenditures are in accordance with the project document and/or existing project work plan,

c) Accounting records and supporting documents are kept,

d) Required financial reports are prepared,

e) Financial operations are transparent and financial procedures/regulations for NEX projects are properly applied; and

f) S/he is ready to stand up to audits at any time.

  • Assumes direct responsibility for managing the physical resources (e.g. vehicles, office equipment, furniture, stationary…) provided to the project by UNDP.
  • Supervises the project staff and local or international experts/consultants working for the project.
  • Drafts project progress reports of various types (e.g. quarterly report, annual report, and the Final Project Report) as scheduled, and organizes review meetings and evaluation missions in the coordination with UNDP.
  • Reports regularly to and keeps the NPD up-to-date on project progress, implementing issues, emerging risks/problems as well as suggests to him/her necessary remedial actions.

General Qualifications

  • Master degree or equivalent;
  • General knowledge of substantive matters that are addressed by the project;
  • Knowledge and experience in project management;
  • Good inter-personal and team building skills;
  • Full time availability for project management duties;
  • Working level of English language is an absolute necessity;
  • Familiarity with technical assistance projects and UNDP programme in Viet Nam is an asset;

TOR for recruitment of Project Manager


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