Tuyển dụng: Think Piece – International Integration and Women’s Empowerment in Vietnam

Tuyển dụng: Think Piece – International Integration and Women’s Empowerment in Vietnam

In this context, UNDP wishes to commission, on behalf of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), a paper which illuminates the new international integration policy/process and how this can be a approach to empower all women in Vietnam and improve gender equality. This is a forward looking paper which gives direction to the ministries and agencies.  It raises questions/issues for policy makers/government officials to consider and provides recommendations of how to integrate a gender equality approach in Vietnam’s new development era.


This assignment will start at the middle of December 2013 and is expected to be completed within two months after contract is agreed. It is estimated that, overall, the preparation of the study will take a maximum of a combined 20 days.


The paper will be prepared on the basis of desk-based work and interviews with key Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials.  The assignment can be done in Hanoi or home-based.



The think piece proposed in these terms of reference has the following objectives:

  1. Understanding better what the international integration policy means for the Party and government and the implications for women’s empowerment
  2. Identify key issues in the international integration process that can disempower or empower women and have impact on gender equality
  3. Provide recommendations to key government agencies on:
    1. Ensuring women are involved in shaping and implementing the international integration policy
    2. Ensure the process will not decrease gender equality and create more disadvantages for women
    3. Programming/procedural changes to empower women through international integration
  4. This document will be used as a discussion piece for upcoming policy visits, conferences and workshops

Attached documents to download:

Call for proposal

TOR for Think Piece

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